Lunchbox, Bag and Comic
In Japan, love is not a topic of conversation. “I love you” is a phrase that perhaps you will never hear. Feelings are expressed in subtle ways, such as a careful and elaborately planned meal. Yet, at any given moment the formalities of day-to-day life can be broken by a smile, which is just another way the Japanese express their fondness. Everywhere in the world, people sidestep the modern frenetic cycle by silently enjoying signs of beauty: the subtle fragrance of a passerby on the street; listening to that special song on our walkman while taking the train; lying down on fresh clean sheets; buying the perfect magazine; savoring the best coffee in town on a rainy afternoon; eying a tree loaded with pink and blue flowers right when we get to the top of the slope; documenting a brave decision with our most beloved ink pen; tasting a little candy from a faraway land...

BENTOHIMMEL is on the cutting edge of Design and Art. Our choice of the material "Autohimmel" is highly conceptual. It conjures up memories of the 70s: safety, wholesome homes, riding in the VW Bug with our families to a park or to a picnic. Those were the days when fun was simply fun! At the same time Autohimmel is technologically designed to endure wear-and-tear and go with you whatever your destination may be. It is non-toxic, tear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and does not absorb odors.

A combination of ideas to meet varied needs, the BENTOHIMMEL Lunchbox, Bag and Comic were designed for people like us: fun, practical individuals who value products that are not offered by big retail chains; observers who see the signs of beauty where others do not; curious persons content to watch the trends and tendencies emerge that are shaping our times in the backyard of creative anonymity.

BENTOHIMMEL is composed by three pieces:

  1. a pretty, discrete Japanese lunch box to carry our favorite meal everywhere especially for day-to-day outings like to the office, the university, the art academy. It is designed to give us the choice of eating what we like, fresh stuff that we know was prepared with care.
  2. a different, yet simple handbag modeled after a plain brown paper bag and developed to perfectly fit the lunch box (plus one piece of fresh fruit) following all the innovative pieces by Brauchbarkeit
  3. a small format comic about a girl and her relationship with her hometown Tokyo by Candyland Comics and Marcia Vaitsman. This story shows a singular way of life very similar to our own.

Concept and Development: Marcia Vaitsman and Martina Höfflin from Brauchbarkeit
Comic: Marcia Vaitsman and Candyland Comics, Brazil

BENTOHIMMEL can be ordered at,
or is sold directly at
Büro für Brauchbarkeit
Trimbornstr. 7
51105 Köln


Brauchbarkeit, the studio for media, fashion and art in Cologne run by Martina Hoefflin, Tilman Reiff and Volker Morawe.,

Candyland Comics from Curitiba in the tempered south of Brazil, run by Guilherme Caldas, artist and illustrator. Candyland label works in partnership with many artists including Fabio Zimbres and Patt Moriatti. Candyland Comics speciality is to publish independent comics on unusual supports such as t-shirts, vinyl etc.

Marcia Vaitsman from Sao Paulo works in Cologne as media artist and developer. Resident artist at IAMAS, Japan 2004 and future resident at Cable Factory in Helsinki 2006 through the UNESCO-Aschberg context.